Greetings from the President

Creating new value for homes with comprehensive ideas for high-quality residences

We greatly appreciate the understanding and support spanning many years from everyone associated with Sanyo Homes.
Since 1969, Sanyo Homes has been a source of high-quality, certified industrialized houses. By supplying these residences, we have played a role in shifting housing in Japan from quantity to quality. Building strong, long-lasting residences is not our only goal. Our operations are also guided by a dedication to create residences that provide a pleasant and comfortable living environment.
The residential needs of a family are shaped by each family’s unique background and other characteristics. This is why we view houses as stages for events of our lives that are shaped by the love, dreams and memories all families share.
On April 1, 2011, we unveiled a new look for our logo for the purpose of more clearly expressing this spirit that underlies all of our activities.
The four-leaf clover with leaves shaped like houses represents happiness. We are committed to providing families with new ideas for their lives and for continuing to enjoy a worry-free life. People can rely on us to supply a full range of support involving residences for the creation of stages for the happiness of the families call these residences homes. We look forward to continuing to be a source of this comprehensive support for families throughout all stages of their lives.

Dedicated to enabling our customers to lead the best possible life

Yasusuke Tanaka, Chairman and President
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