Greetings from the President

To Propose New Value for Home as a Comprehensive Enterprise Offering “Living Life”

We greatly appreciate the long-time support and understanding that you have given to our company. Our aim has been to provide high-quality houses called industrialized certified houses that has improved the living environment in Japan “from quantity to quality” for over forty years since the foundation of our company in 1969.
We have created not only durable houses, but “living” or “living spaces”.
There are as many dramas as there are number of families with a history of love and warmth which are engraved in living spaces. I believe that living space grows love and dreams, as the “stages in the play of human life” created by famous scenes of delight and sensation.

Sanyo Homes Corporation refreshes its brand logo in order to convey the thoughts above to everybody from April 1, 2011. The four-leaf clover is a symbol of happiness and our four-leaf clover represents the shape of four homes. We propose “lives” suiting each family lifestyle and the community “by enjoying life” safely.

Sanyo Homes would like to support your families throughout their entire lives as a comprehensive company endorsing a living life, which realizes “happy stages” showcasing all the scenes of your family.

For the best life.
Yours Sincerely
CEO and President
Yasusuke Tanaka
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