Creating customer satisfaction in step with the evolution of our operating environment

Significant changes are taking place in the characteristics of households as Japan’s population declines and ages.
The result is increasing diversity in the types of households. For instance, there are senior households, young people living on their own, and active multi-generational households combining parents and the family of an adult child.
Based on the corporate slogan “for the best life,” Sanyo Homes is dedicated to being a comprehensive provider of ideas for good housing and living. We want to meet a broad spectrum of requirements by operating as a “best life concierge.” Our goal is to be a one-stop source of products and services for any need involving housing and living.
Strong commitments to the environment and safety underpin all our activities. We maintain high quality regarding safety and comfort and serve as a lifelong partner for customers for good housing and living. Everything we do is aimed at being a source of confidence and peace of mind for our customers.
We will continue to focus our energy on making more progress as a supplier of products and services “for the best life.”
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